The Tennis Specialists                       Mike and Barbara Morrison


Teaching Method and Theory

Our instructional method is based on proven classic technique fundamentals.  This time tested method ensures a solid foundation from which a player can develop the complete repertoire of strokes, spins, and tactics. Our theory is a subtle blend of old and new school.


We emphasize the individual. Our students are taught in a private or semi private format.

This individual training allows us to develop the complete player by teaching stroke production, footwork, strategy, and mental game. We give point by point evaluation  during the pressure of match play. We emphasize backboard training  as part of our teaching program.  

In our step by step progression format we show each student productive practice drills suited for their skill level. We frequently chart our students in match play so they have a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Video lessons are available on request. Valuable tournaments critiques can also be scheduled. Introduction of students to potential practice partners is another benefit.